The story of million farmers.

The story revolves around Sitaram, a farmer like many other in central India, with less than limited means. Trying hard to meet ends and provide for his family the basics of life. The problem, repeatedly failing monsoon, the lifeline of Indian farmers, making his land yield nothing but weed despite him doing all he can. His family of 5, including his wife, two sons, and a daughter suffers along.

Sitaram's efforts to quench the thirst of his land leads him try and dig a well in his land. The hard sound of mattock hitting the dreadful black rock – Kalichaat – is nothing but a disaster as cracking Kalichaat and reaching water beneath will require means beyond his approach. But to match adversities with his will, he approaches the local bank specifically established to meet the needs of farmers, only to realize that getting help there is even complex than breaking Kalichaat.

In this state of despair, the showering water coming out of a tubewell drilling at his village makes him wonder why can't he have one at his land. A hope for him, perceived a gamble by many, including his wife. Again the seemingly never ending tryst authorities, loan sharks, and religious gurus, while keeping his family hopeful for a better future, begins. Pledging the very land he wanted water for, tubewell drilling starts. One after another, attempts fail, land shrinks and hopes die. What's left is a question on our conscience as a society and as a system, as to why we let the actual breadwinner die in pursuit of a better life.

Inspiration For Making Film..

Kalichaat, the impregnable rock, a film is inspired by the works of an NGO Vibhavari working in Dewas district since year 2000. It is an established non profit organization which has been working on water crises and farmers & landless workers’ rights for last two decades. The organisation is founded by Dr. Sunil Chaturvedi who is an active social worker and a profound writer. His acclaimed novel , Kalichaat is the foundation for this film and share the title with the same.

The screen play and dialogues are written by Dr. Sonal who is founder member of Vibhavari and the work to upift the social status of these farmers and other villagers has been the motto of her life. Sonal is a poetess at her heart and has published many heartfelt poems in her collection –‘Pata Nahi’.

As Dr. Sunil and Sonal had been working for around two decades with the people of this region, the story and dialogues has a clear appearance of the dialect and context of the region. The film depicts the actual scenario of rural india and the woes and troubles of Indian farmer and his family members.

Sudhanshu Sharma

Director & Producer : Sudhanshu Sharma

Sudhanshu Sharma being the producer and director of the film kalichaat is an entrepreneur with a creative streak who has closely observed life at rural India while growing up. Different small towns and villages of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh inspired his journey with their rich culture and traditional values. He is a post graduate in Humanities and a pursuant research scholar in Philosophy.

A poet, writer and philosopher, Sudhanshu's work remained mostly for personal audience 'til now, partly due to his choice of keeping it that way and partly due to professional commitments. Nevertheless, his work as a poet and writer earned him rich accolades in various formal and informal literary circles of Madhya Pradesh. A formal collection of his short stories and poems is in print for unveiling in very near future.

Sudhanshu's professional responsibilities as an entrepreneur demanded him to conceptualize, write, produce, and provide creative guidance for close to 150 commercial productions, mostly for Indian television.

'Kalichaat' is his directorial debut for a feature length, depicting the life and journey of a poor farmer from Malwa-Nimar region of western Madhya Pradesh, the area which he closely relates to. Besides being Director of the creation, he also was an integral part of scripting, screenplay, and art direction team of 'Kalichaat.'

Team Kalichaat